My ELL Resource Office!

I am so excited to share my new space for the upcoming school year. Last year, I shared a room with another ELL teacher so I am excited to have my own office. Here are some pictures of how I designed it. I am not done since I do not know my caseload yet! Once I know exactly what I will focusing on, I will be putting up tons of visuals and anchor charts!


Right after I took out my desk- still a big mess!


I have a guided reading table and a circle table for students and I will utilize one of them as my desk as well.


The space in front of the whiteboard! I will meet here with most of my groups.


My Picture of the Day bulletin board. Loving yellow this year! Also, space for language and content objectives ūüôā


A little idiom of the week display I found online!


This is kind of my desk area where I have some personal stuff as well as whiteboard for students and writing materials for students!


My library area!

Thanks for reading. If you are an ELL teacher, do you share a space or have your own?

Back to School: Fun ELL reading and writing game!

I played this game with a bunch of small group friends last night and the whole time I was thinking that it would be an awesome game for ELL students to practice their reading and writing skills as well as vocabulary. I think it would be especially fun for a 1st day of school ice-breaker/get to know each other kind of game!

Materials you will need: 

  • small pieces of scratch paper (if there are 5 students playing, each student will get 5 pieces of paper, 6 students 6 pieces, etc. )
  • pencils

I would quickly prep the paper before hand and have it ready for the students. The example I will demonstrate today will be as if I was playing with 3 students so I will 4 pieces of paper and each student will have 4 pieces of paper as well.


  1. Tell the students to either draw a detailed picture or write a sentence with a lot of details on their paper. Give them around a minute to draw/write their sentence. In this example, I will start with a sentence. Once they have their sentence, they will pass their stack to the right.


    This is the sentence I came up with, the more detailed the better. If they just write a word, not too much would change!

     2. The next person will read the sentence and then draw a picture based on the            sentence.  Each round can last one minute so it is kind of fast and fun.


This is the picture that accompanied the sentence above drawn by the next person.

      3. The process continues so the student would now pass the picture they drew to the           next person and the next person would write a sentence based on the picture.  Eventually, it gets back to the original writer and then the game is over.


The next person interpreted the picture above as this so they wrote what they saw.


This was the final picture drawn based on the sentence! This is very different from the first sentence.

As you can see, this game is kind of like telephone but with drawing, reading, and writing. It is hilarious at the end when the students get their stack back and see how their original sentence has changed through the other student’s interpretations of the sentences and drawings. I plan on playing this the first day I have my groups to get to know their personalities and little bit and to get a very informal writing assessment.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you would play this with your students!

My ELL Resource Space


My ELL corner

Depending on what ELL teacher you talk to in what district, you will get a varied response as to what kind of room/space/office they have to service the students. I have friends who share a room with up to 4 other ELL teachers, some have their own full classrooms, some have small offices, and some just have a traveling cart.

Last year, I shared a room with another ELL resource teacher who also worked with the same grades that I work with, 3rd – 5th. We had two desks in our room and one whiteboard. In the beginning of the year, we kind of split the room in the middle and had our own tables we worked at. Our schedules were different so we sometimes had students at the same time, which can be distracting, but not always.

After ACCESS testing, we decided to put up a divider and I really liked it! I did not have access to the big whiteboard or projector anymore but I did have my own small whiteboard that you can see in the picture. I also got a guided reading table instead of the rectangle table I had earlier. I used the wall to put up all my visuals as well as the divider to put up even more.

I met with all my groups here, if I was not pushing in or co-teaching. I kept most of the materials in the plastic boxes or I just put the materials I would need that day on the table so they were ready for my groups. I was blessed to only have to share with one teacher and have my own space. This year I will be moving to my own office so I am excited for that! I will share pictures from my new office once I get it all organized.

Thanks for reading! If you are an ELL resource teacher, let me know what kind of space you have!