Non-Fiction Text Structures + Features Review

Today, I am sharing an activity I did the last school year with one of my ELL groups. These five girls were students between a level 4-5 on the WIDA scale. They have great social language but struggle with academic writing and vocabulary. Their classroom teacher was going over Text Structures (Compare and Contrast, Problem Solution, Cause and Effect, etc.) I wanted a fun activity to go over text structures as well as help the girls write some solid paragraphs. I, of course, went to Pinterest and found an awesome idea. I adapted it a little bit and this is what we came up with: awesome magazines!


In science, the girls were studying weather and natural disasters so I decided each girl would pick a natural disaster to study and write 5 mini articles based on the text structures. Before hand, I found a bunch of appropriate articles and books they could use to do their research. Once they finished reading the articles, I allowed them to look for a video to find information from. I created a simple graphic organizer with some guiding questions and each day (I had them for around 20 minutes) we would review one text structure and research information about the natural disaster.


Some examples of the articles

I wanted the girls to also review non- fiction text features ( glossary, captions, subtitles) so I required them to add some text features into their magazines. They really enjoyed the activity and were excited to have their own magazine at the end! I will definitely do this next year as well.


Multiple choice quiz and the glossary on the back!

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you would do this or ever have.