Low-prep Effective Vocabulary Strategy!

Today, I am going to tell you about a quick, easy, low prep, engaging, effective strategy for practicing vocabulary! I learned about this through Bringing Words to Life and it is called a Word Line Continuum. Once you have selected your Tier 2 vocabulary words, you draw a number line on the board and make up some scenarios with the words. As you can see below, my target words were tend, make ends meet, and preserve. I drew a line and made my two ends least surprised and most surprised. Then, I made up some scenarios that may be unbelievable or crazy! The key is to pick scenarios that the students would want to discuss. Then, the students think what they would be most or least surprised by and place it on their own line or put the numbers in order and then they have to justify it- ie. ” I was most surprised with the dog tending to the baby because a dog would not be able to take care of a baby.” IMG_0058

I love using this because it shows me if they really understand the word or not, they are using the target words in another way rather than making sentences or definitions and they enjoy it! Below you can see another one I have done with the vocabulary words on the side.


I hope you can try this in your classroom for an engaging oral vocabulary practice!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am sorry I have been absent for a long time. This school year is super busy but I can’t believe it is already time for Thanksgiving break. There is one more night and one half day of conferences separating me from break! I hope everyone has a restful and blessed break. I am so thankful to God for my health, job, and my awesome family and most of all for the relationship I can have with Him because of Jesus!


My ELL Resource Office!

I am so excited to share my new space for the upcoming school year. Last year, I shared a room with another ELL teacher so I am excited to have my own office. Here are some pictures of how I designed it. I am not done since I do not know my caseload yet! Once I know exactly what I will focusing on, I will be putting up tons of visuals and anchor charts!


Right after I took out my desk- still a big mess!


I have a guided reading table and a circle table for students and I will utilize one of them as my desk as well.


The space in front of the whiteboard! I will meet here with most of my groups.


My Picture of the Day bulletin board. Loving yellow this year! Also, space for language and content objectives 🙂


A little idiom of the week display I found online!


This is kind of my desk area where I have some personal stuff as well as whiteboard for students and writing materials for students!


My library area!

Thanks for reading. If you are an ELL teacher, do you share a space or have your own?